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New York City based actor, Tyler Kelly is a true, born and bred New Yorker, with Irish-Italian roots that run deep in the community! Raised on the exotic Isle of Staten, aka the borough of Staten Island (please don't believe the reality shows), Tyler grew up a heartbeat away from Broadway.  So, it only seemed natural that he found his home on the stage. Tyler has performed with various summer stock theatres, theme parks and NY City community theatre organizations. And, wherever he performs, you can usually find his big, loud, Irish-Italian family in the audience cheering enthusiastically!  


When he's not on stage or in a studio, Tyler can usually be found hanging out with his two adorable puppies -- Hershey and Snickers. He has a passion for animals of all kinds and to foster that passion, Tyler was a long-time docent volunteer in the education department at the Staten Island Zoo.


Since graduating from Nazareth University with a BFA in Musical Theatre, Tyler has honed his craft and developed his skills as a performer. Tyler has had the incredible opportunity to perform on stages of various professional theaters across the country. As he settles back into his home base of New York City, he is excited for the next chapter in his career, and can't wait to share his talents with friends, family and audiences from everywhere he visits.


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